Public utility Foundation created in 1993 by 15 corporate groups with the main objective to prevent and fight against any form of exclusion and discrimination. FACE and its network of companies work towards the accomplishment of four missions:

  • To support the social and societal commitment of companies;
  • To translate into individual and collective actions, the corporate social responsibility of companies;
  • To develop social and societal innovations with and for companies;
  • To affirm and provide a place for the discourse of responsible companies.


Gerard Mestrallet is appointed President of FACE


Gerard Mestrallet handed to François Hollande the report “mobilizing economic actors in favor of employment and youth employment – 5 priorities, 150 propositions. Transnational apprenticeships were announced as one of our 5 working priorities.


Gerard Mestrallet was nominated “French Apprenticeships Ambassador”.

COMPANIES: Mobilization of companies and their staff

FACE supports the development, management and implementation of Corporate Social Responsability strategies within its network of companies.


  • Corporate trainings on: diversity management, gender equality, deconstruction of stereotypes, and the implementation of CSR policies.
  • Diagnostic analysis, supporting companies to obtain the Diversity/Egality/LUCIE labels.
  • Contribution to the fight against gender-based violence.
  • Projects in favor of professional gender diversity.

EMPLOYMENT : FACE works to ensure that everyone find a meaningful job

For the last 20 years, FACE has supported 45 000 job seekers and has implemented 90 actions in favor of employment in France and in Europe.

  • Facealemploi: the first web portal for equal opportunities in employment. More than 3600 candidates were accompanied so far in the definition of their professional pathway and the creation of their video resume uploaded on the  job board of Facealemploi. On this platform, companies can also upload their job offers.
  • Through the European project ANEETS (Apprenticeships for not in Employment, in Education nor in Training), FACE approaches companies with VET providers, in favor of professional insertion of young dropouts through apprenticeships.

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